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Immerging trends leads to new design concepts and innovations. At the state of the art facility at Goti Exports, Pie-cut diamonds are manufactured according to latest consumer needs. We manufacture Nine-piece Round, Four-piece Round, Nine-piece Emerald, Five-piece Star and Special cut diamonds like, the Half-moon diamond, Tie-shaped Diamond, Hexagon cut diamonds.







Our range of fancy cut diamonds excites the consumers who wish to meet the demands of current generation. We offer fancy diamonds in the shape of Pears, Marquise, Oval, Emeralds and Hearts. All Fancy shaped diamonds sparkle with the perfect balance of surface finish and correct proportions. With best prices in the market and superior quality, Goti Exports emerges as leader in the Fancy diamond segment.


Goti exports leads the market in manufacture of Trillion shaped diamonds.The brilliance of the Trillion diamond is the unique combination of cutting and symmetry. We are also a leading manufacturer of Rose cut diamonds. These diamonds come in a variety of shapes like the Rose-cut Round, Pear, Oval, Marquise and Triangle. These diamonds sparkle with craftsmanship and purity.

Top 10 Diamond Companies in BKC Mumbai


In the field of light brown to dark brown, we offer you diamonds of similar shade in considerable quantities. These diamonds come in various sizes and colour. These diamonds are specially manufactured to be useful in low cost jewellery.


With 20 years of experience in the field of precision cutting and manufacturing of high quality diamonds, Goti Exports has evolved at steady pace to meet the customer’s demands in this fast changing environment. At our manufacturing unit in Surat, we manufacture fancy shaped diamonds, Pie cut diamonds, and Rose cut diamonds.

Top 10 Diamond Companies in Surat India

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